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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we select the CCS Bounce-Backtm Mirror Image Captioning System (MICS) for our theatre?
That's easy! It is simply the best choice for theatres--small, medium and large--for several critical reasons: ease of operation/installation; lower equipment cost; very low maintenance cost; superior output presentation; multiple-language capability; and rapid turnaround to caption files.

It doesn't hurt that we're friendly and easy to work with, committed to the highest standards of professional business practices.

What's so great about rear-of-theatre captioning?
Patrons don't have to wait for the open captioned print to come around to their theater. The captions are stored on the rear window caption projector. Instead of being limited to specific showing times, you can see a movie at any time.

What costs are involved in getting a movie captioned?
It costs the studio nothing! The theatre must determine if it wants exclusive rights to CCS' captions; if it does not, the theatre only pays its portion of each patron's ticket that uses a viewing arm! If it requires exclusive rights, then it pays CCS a fee to do the captioning. Click on Prices on the left side of any page for detailed pricing.

CCS will generally caption first-run films thought to have high interest. The theatre can request a particular film and CCS will caption it (providing it is playing locally where we can test the file, and the studio grants us permission to do so and provides the spotting lists).

Does CCS provide a front-of-theatre captioning system (also known as "open electronic captioning")?
Yes! Our system is instantly adaptable to use a sign located at the front of the theatre.

What hardware and software does the CCS Bounce Backtm use?
Click on the Hardware and Software links on the left side of any page.

How does your system compare to others?
We've prepared a handy comparison chart that you can see by clicking on Features and Product Comparison on the left side of any page.

When did CCS invent the Bounce Backtm Mirror Image Captioning System?
During the mid to latter part of 1989. A patent application document was submitted to a patenting and marketing company on Jan. 22, 1990 which containing a working drawing of the system as it currently exists!

Reports from those who have used our system are a good indicator of how well it works vs. other systems. A happy family wrote us and said:
"I want you to know that we went to watch a movie last night; "You've Got Mail". It was our first experience to witness the closed captioning at the theatre. We were amazed how the device worked. We enjoyed the movie immensely. For the first time in 44 years, I was able to enjoy the movie. I want to thank you for making the captioning possible at the theatre to include deaf moviegoers, too. My family and I are looking forward to watching some more in near future. God bless you for making this possible. Many thanks and many hugs, Brenda, Gary, Amy, Anthony, and Jon

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